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Bricks and mortars do not make an educational institution. It is the quality of education and value addition of the students that make it. Sambad School of Media and Culture emphasizes on this all the time. Since its inception, imagination and innovation have been the hallmark of Sambad School of Media and Culture. This has helped the students of SSoMaC to spread their wings across the media industry of the country.

The Institute’s mission is to make students a complete media man with skills and expertise involving in gathering, editing and presentation of information, and prepare them for a career in journalism and allied disciplines. While there is a strong emphasis on the “craft” of journalism, the curriculum is designed to help students to supplement their basic education so they are better equipped to handle the fundamental issues of the day intelligently. They will be exposed to the principles and ethics intrinsic to the profession, to enable them to hone their journalistic skills. The vision is that SSoMaC journalists will not only prove themselves competent practitioners by today’s standards, but also raise those standards throughout their long career.